I’m proud to say, that my image was selected to be runner up in the RTE Weather Photo Competition, of spring 2014

Boads tied up in harbour

Boats in Howth Harbour

I took the picture by chance. I did the most spectacular cliff walk in Howth and as I approached the harbour I noticed these tightly tied up boats. It was the time around the bad storms in February 2014.

I originally entered the image for a different competition, but I had missed the deadline narrowly. I than came across the RTE Weather Competition, sent it in and forgot about it.

Some weeks later, I answer my mobile and there’s a very friendly voice, saying “I’m calling from RTE. I just want to let you know that your picture is runner up in the spring competition. We’ll feature it for the first time in the seascape weather forecast.
After that I saw my image again and again as a backdrop on the RTE weather program.

It also features in the RTE calendar, for the month of February – which happens to be my son’s birth month.