My first group of the 2015 season will land on Sunday February 22nd at Dublin airport. They’re flying in with Aer Lingus from Frankfurt/Germany.

The tour is an educational one, like most tours I do nowadays. In this particular case the topic is “Christianity”.


Every year has its own highlights of glitches. Last year it was lost property. There wasn’t a tour, which didn’t feature something left behind at a hotel.
Whether it was jackets, chargers, laptops, mobile phones, partners (little joke) or hearing aids. Hearing aids is completely unacceptable, since it is my job to feed my clients with information.

Attentive Clients

It was so bad last year, that I started briefing my clients the moment I picked them up at the airport. I basically begged them to check again and again, that they haven’t left anything behind, when changing hotels.
Chasing lost property can be very time consuming and quite expensive.

Anyway, one day – we were leaving Dublin for Galway. On the coach, over the microphone, I once again addressed my guests, asking them whether they’re sure that they didn’t leave anything behind. I looked at a collective shaking of heads.
We had just reached the outskirts of Dublin, when my mobile didn’t want to stop vibrating. Against my nature, I decided to answer the call. It turned out to be the porter of the hotel we had just left – telling me, that one of my clients had left his luggage in the hotel lobby.

Pure Excitement

So here it is, my first blog. Here in this blog, I’ll be chatting about some of the tours I guide. It will be funny, sad, annoying, exciting and surreal at times, to say the least.
I’m really looking forward to finally sharing those experiences with people.


It would be great if other guides, drivers or clients would like to share their experiences on this page.