I attended a Reboot Ireland meeting, held for potential candidates.
When I left home this morning, I had mixed feelings. Another party. Am I wasting my time? I asked myself.

Lucinda Creighton, Eddie Hobbs and John Leahy chaired the meeting. Liam McCabe, a former business partner of mine, did the organisational bit.

Good Attendance

80 people had registered to attend and I would say that most of them turned up.

When Lucinda and Eddie entered the room, they mingled with the people. I had a good long pre-meeting chat with Eddie Hobbs. A very interesting and down to earth man.

I have to say, this new movement (soon to be party) will give the Irish people, what they have been waiting for since the foundation of the state.
The people of Ireland have been treated with contempt for decades. Talked down to. Treated like you wouldn’t treat children.

Change in Politics

This new movement wants to change all this. They want to listen and engage the electorate. They want to go into dialogue with the electorate.

The question arose  “Why should the electorate believe that we are different to all the others?”
The answer to this is. The Irish public is highly educated. They’re sick of being lied to. If the members of this new party keep their word and walk the walk, besides talking the talk, than the Irish public will very soon realise that this lot means business.

Irish politics will be re-invented. Real politics for real people will soon be a choice on the polling cards.

The established political parties of Ireland will have a serious contestant to reckon with, come the next general election.