Dear Readers,

I’m often asked what exactly I do as a Tour Guide.

Here, I’ll be writing a little journal. I mostly do educational tours. Whether it’s religious, farming, policing, political, journalistic etc., I do it all.
In order for you to understand how I work and what I do, I’ll be publishing some tours.

My first tour, which I’ll be sharing with you is of religious background.

22/02 – 01/03/2015, From St. Kilian to Clonmacnoise

My next tour, starting on 08/03 will be with a farming background. I’ll write about this as well, once I’ve finished it.

You’ll also find a site with glitches, where I will just pick out glitches randomly. Some of them will be funny, others rather embarrassing and others again, might even be nearly dangerous.

Enjoy 🙂 and don’t forget to subscribe to this site.