I wouldn’t call myself a junk food junky. I love my food. I do love to cook proper food and even bake my own bread – without a bread making machine.
However, I also do love to have a bit of a takeaway or home-food junk now and again. Why not?

Lost 8 stone

Now and again I find myself in situations where I either have to, or want to eat some so called junk food. Now, listen to me, I managed to lose 4 stone in weight about 8 years ago and haven’t managed to put it back on, so I must be doing something right.

Let’s look at “junk food”

Here, I’ll be reviewing some of my “junk food” experiences. Whether it’s takeaways, such as McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, etc, any small outlet, or down right junk to heat up at home.

Fats and salts in moderation

A lot of this so called junk food is not really that bad. Fats and salts, which are normally severely criticised for being the culprit for gaining weight, are in reality okay – as long as we keep them under control.


The real problem is added sugars and preservatives. Those ingredients are a real challenge. Worse of all are the “sugar replacements”, which are far worse then the actual natural sugar.

Stay away from diet stuff

When you eat you eat. Don’t worry about eating. Try to get your head around what you eat when and how much of it. Don’t worry about that either if you don’t care – that’s okay. You don’t have to care, but one day you’ll – and when you do care, you can have another look at this page.

Carbs or Fat, one or the other

Especially if you live with a diet which is controlled through varying the carbohydrate intake, you want to make sure that you take in enough fat. This of course, doesn’t give you a license to get carried away. Eat  and drink full fat products. That’s important.

Sugar or sweetener?

Try to cut out sugar in your tea/coffee. For decades I thought I just cut down in sugar and you know what? Recently I cut sugar altogether out of my drinking culture and it is absolutely fantastic. I really taste the coffees today.
So, if you do have a sweet tooth and you need that sweet edge on your drinks and food, then definitely go for the real sugar and not the sugar replacements.

Take part

I’m based in Ireland, but do also travel a bit. I invite YOU to take part in that and share your experiences.