Within 8 months I lost 25 kg (4 st) in weight. No pills, no real deprivation, just pure focus and will-power.

I help you, if you help others

If you seriously want to lose weight and want to follow some advise, then you’re more than welcome to get in touch. I’m not asking for money. All I’m asking you to do is, that if you’re successful, please help others to be successful too.

You’re in charge

I can’t guarantee that my system will work for you, but hey, you can try.
You know, I was seriously obese and I just accepted it to be the way it is. It never occurred to me that I can really seriously reverse the weight back to where I was feeling great.
However, I have a friend (my best friend) who tends to spend a lot of money on all kinds of “feel good factors”, including on losing weight.
He was telling me something about carbohydrates and cutting down etc. I didn’t know what he was talking about, but since I’m a very curious person, I started researching it online and it all made a lot of sense.

Trial and error with carbohydrates

I decided to do a bit of a trial. I cut down on some carbohydrates. I cut my potatoes, pasta, rice, bread etc in half and kept eating protein the way I ate before. So I had plenty of meat, fish, cheese etc, I also kept up my vegetable and salad intake and increased my fruit consumption. I have to admit, that I never bothered much with fruit up until then.

Get inspired

I also had a look at the “eating plan” which my friend paid something like €500 for. I have to add, that my friend told me that those eating plans were individually assessed and that his “eating plan” was not suitable for me. Well, I never intended to copy his eating plan, I just wanted some inspiration and you know what – it really worked. I’ll tell you now how I lost 4 st in weight within eight months and have kept it off ever since. We’re now talking about 8 years.

Full fat is the way to go

Here’s what I did.

First of all, I did not touch any diet stuff, such as diet dairy products, margarines, low fat products, diet cokes etc. I stuck to full fat products and if I wanted something sweet I opted for sugar and not replacement products.

Be focused and disciplined

My food intake was as follows:


For breakfast I would normally have a full fat yoghurt (200g) with an apple of my taste cut into. I had this for several weeks for breakfast.


I then had a five hour break and didn’t eat anything whatsoever in between. However, I did drink plenty of water. (about 2 to 2.5 ltr. a day)


Try to have your main meal of the day at lunch time. For lunch I would have a normal lunch, but with little carbohydrate. If you’re unsure about what carbohydrate are, than research it on the internet.


Dessert. Try to do without it for a moment, until you’ve reached the weight you have in mind. If you can really not do without a treat, then reduce the amount of treats to what you used to have. If you feel an urge to eat something sweet, drink plenty of water.


Have a five hour break. Do not eat anything in between. Drink plenty of water. You won’t believe it, but you’ll actually flush out a lot of fat with your urine.


Have something light for dinner. Your body is in shut-down mode. You’re not going to do much exercise any more. So have a bit of crisp bread with some meat, cheese or fish.

Eat yourself

Yes, initially you’ll feel hungry between the meals. This is to be expected. Look at it as a healing process. Enjoy this feeling and embrace it. Your body will start “eating the reserves” – excess fat. This is exactly what you want. Keep up a high water consumption. If you get sick of water, then drink tea. Try different teas and see what works for you. I loved peppermint tea and gulped it away without adding sugar.

The feeling of hunger will disappear after a while.

Keep track

I believe it is important that you weigh yourself daily. Try to weigh yourself at around the same time every day. Naked, after you’ve been to the toilet, before you shower. This way, you’ll have roughly a level playing field and you can keep a chart. Seeing how the weight is dropping will inspire you to maybe go a step further.

Get moving

Go out walking. Don’t run. Running can be bad for your joints, especially if you’re not used to it and if you have a lot of top weight.
Walking will do. Walking is not only great to kick-start your metabolism, but it also arouses your senses and makes you feel good.
I used to pick somewhere nice to walk. Somewhere in the country. I preferred not to listen to music etc, but to listen to nature and maybe even say hello to the odd passer by.
I guess it all depends on your circumstances and where you live.

Getting stuck? Have a feast!

You’ll reach moments when the weight is constant. You seem to have reached a magic barrier and the weight doesn’t seem to fall any further.
Well, let’s trick the body. Go and have a feast. Eat until you drop. High carb, loads of sugar and the next day you go back to the system you’ve set up for yourself. You’ll be surprised, but the weight is going to drop again.

Keeping it off

Once you’ve reached your desired weight, you can adjust your carb intake slightly upwards. Don’t get carried away, do some trials and watch your weight. You now want to keep the weight and not lose or put on too much.

Eight years later

Eight years later and I don’t have those five hour breaks any more. Neither do I pay too much attention to my carbohydrate intake. I still weigh myself daily so and if I notice that I gain more then 2 kg, I pull the brake and adjust the weight by playing with my carbohydrate intake. It works a charm. Give it a go.

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All the Best


By the way, if you have tried calorie counting in the past, then just forget this for a moment and fully concentrate on seriously reducing your carbohydrate intake. Do not cut it out altogether, just experiment with cutting it down.
By cutting down carbs you automatically burn more calories.