For Fine Gael and Labour to call general elections for the earliest possible date, would be a very intelligent and brave move.
Right now, there’s no serious competition out there. Fianna Fáil is on the road to recovery, but I do not believe that they have reached the trust of the electorate yet. Especially now, that the economy is showing some green shoots, with no competition showing, the ruling parties would be well placed to walk straight back into government.

With Fianna Fáil still struggling to find their feet, and Sinn Féin not having the numbers yet to form a government, there isn’t much choice out there. Renua Ireland is as from today the newest registered political party in the Republic of Ireland. Renua Ireland has been disappointing their early followers, by hiding. The initial meetings were quite impressive, but nothing really followed. In interviews, they appear to be ill prepared and without any foundation. The transparency they promise, is a myth.

However, Fianna FáilSinn Féin and Renua Ireland are to be reckoned with. Even though nobody will admit right now, that they would jump into bed with Sinn Féin, we all know the truth. Once the numbers are needed and the political parties in Ireland feel urgent the responsibility to represent the people of Ireland, they often turn a blind eye on their political “believes”. So Sinn Féin is to be taken serious, at least as a small coalition partner.
Fianna Fáil is working hard on regaining trust. If they play their cards right and show the electorate some real signs of renewal, then Fianna Fáil may be back on track before we know it.
And for Renua Ireland, if they only stopped talking and started walking, they could be a force in Irish politics, which will rock every other party’s boat.

So, it’s all about timing. It’s about showing guts and not to cling to power as long as it lasts. It’s about seizing the opportunity, grabbing the electorate’s apparent satisfaction and lack of choice.