Topaz, which took over the sale of Shell products in 2005, owes me money – as from today. Earlier on today, I headed to my local Topaz filling station, to fill a canister with petrol. When it was my turn at the till, the girl said “that’s € 9.04”. I gave her € 9.05. She looked into her till and said “I owe you 1 cent”. I asked her whether she can confirm that. She again looked into her till and confirmed that she owed me 1 cent.

It only hit me, when I was sitting in my car, to continue my journey to do my daily shop. The girl is representing Topaz. Therefore Topaz, who is selling petrol, oil, lubricants etc. for Shell, one of the world’s biggest oil company’s, owes me money.
On my way back home, I was contemplating to give Topaz another chance to settle their debts, but decided to be reasonable and give them until tomorrow to come up with the money. Tomorrow, I’ll give it another go and if they should still not be able to settle their debts, I’ll let them sign an IOU.

Another option would be, that I calculate how much exactly of Topaz is my property. After all, strictly speaking, I’m now some kind of shareholder.