I’ve one questions for the heterosexual married couples amongst you. Who voted on your marriage?

I’m not gay. I’m a heterosexual man, who was once upon a time married. Nobody could have cared less about my marriage. Nobody really ever asked me about the activities in my bedroom. Neither did anybody ever ask me about my favourite positions during sex.
Also, did nobody ever pay to much attention to how we brought up our children and how caring my wife and I were to each other and to our children.

The idea of marriage as we know it, is an invention of the institutionalised churches. The same with baptism. In the early days of the church, we used to get baptised as adults. Only as time went on, we had to get baptised as babies. It is a way of tying people at their youngest age to a church. It’s all about power over the person and of course, it is about money.

Where did the marriage as we know it origin? Who says it has to be between man and woman? Is marriage not a bond between two loving people? Is it not a very private bond? Is it not that one person promises the other a certain amount of commitment and care and tenderness? Are we blowing the meaning of marriage, as the churches like to see it, out of all proportion?
And if we do know marriage only to be between man and woman. Is it not time for us to re-educate ourselves? To open our horizon to see the world as we see it, from other people’s perspectives.

Isn’t it about time to allow everyone to live their lives to their own believes? Hasn’t it been long enough, that certain institutions have dictated to us, on how to live our lives? Not only clerical, but also state institutions. Let’s not be afraid. Let’s embrace it. Let’s look forward to a renewed, happy and vibrant society. Nobody is expecting you to feel at ease. But give it a chance. Sit back, relax and you’ll be surprised how easy it gets as time moves on.