Today, for the first time in Irish history, the Government published a spring statement. When this was announced, everyone was wondering what this could be about. The next budget won’t be introduced until October 2015, the last budget was in October 2014. With other words, we’re half way through.

Promises without the facts

In this spring statement, the government told us that we’ve been good girls and boys and that we have a household surplus of € 1.2 to € 1.5 billion. They also told us, that this money will be going back to the people, in form of tax cuts and additional public spending, divided equally. Now, isn’t that great? Well, it would be, if it was announced closer to d-day (decision day). How on earth can the government at this stage of the fiscal year, turn to the Nation and promise tax cuts and increased public spending, when there’s still six months ahead?

It ain’t over till the fat lady sings

I feel sad. I feel sad, that the government, which could actually have made history by keeping calm, raking in the surplus, holding on to it until budget day and then saying “hey, we have good news…”. Instead they hardly have it and already promise to squander it. What about any other surpluses? What about possible losses throughout the fiscal year? The government looks like a little child which found a couple of bop on the street and is running to the next sweet shop.

Politics without policies – Renua Ireland

At the same time, I receive an email from Renua Ireland, the new party. A new party, in which I had put a lot of hope. Maybe they still have to find themselves, but so far, they have disappointed me in a big way. Only this morning I was thinking, that I haven’t heard from them in relation to the upcoming referendum. Wouldn’t it be great for the new party to show some colours? Instead, deafening silence. Then, all of the sudden, this email in response to the spring statement. I nearly fell of the chair when I read that Lucinda Creighton gives out about the spring statement, saying that when Renua Ireland is in government, they will do this and that and everything for a better Ireland. That’s great news, Lucinda. But what about an opinion on present day politics? What is your stand on same sex marriage? What’s your stand on lowering the age for presidency? Am I missing something? Is this Renua Ireland? A party who keeps telling us about transparency and different politics and a renewed country, but without any views on what’s on the agenda right now?