Nothing to do with referendum

Accord, the Roman Catholic agency providing preparation courses for couples to be married, is suffering a great loss of funding. The Irish State has stopped the annual €375,000 of funding to the church body. Seemingly, the Catholic Church’s stand against the same sex marriage referendum has nothing to do with the withdrawal of funding. According to the government, all funding for similar institutions have been cut, whether Catholic, Protestant or secular.

It should have to do with referendum

As far as I’m concerned, the withdrawal of funding should have to do with the Catholic Church’s attitude on the issue. After all, the State funding is financed by tax payers and amongst those tax payers may well be gay people who would love to marry their same sex counterpart. Also, the church’s rejection of same sex marriage means that they can not really offer pre-marriage courses for same sex couples. With other words, would the State continue to fund Accord, they would use taxpayers money to help the Catholic Church discriminate against same sex couples.