Super Sub

Whether it was against Gibraltar, Poland or Germany – Shane Long came on and made an impact.

October 8th, 2015 was the day, when the Irish “soccer dwarf” rocked the world of soccer. Shane Long, brought into the match as a sub made it all happen. He will go into history of Irish soccer.

Secure Victory

When I was walking the streets of Dublin on this particular day, I couldn’t help noticing all those German soccer fans. To put it into context, I perceived a lot of those fans to be what we would call in German “ueberheblich”. Now, looking that up in the dictionary would mean something like “snotty, arrogant, boastful” etc. They weren’t either. I guess, they were just here to pick up 3 points and while they’re at it, have a good time.


It was late afternoon, when I was waiting for my German group to come out of the Guinness Storehouse. I waited for them at the exit. Loads of Germans, dressed up in their football gear, came out and approached the security guy at the barrier, asking for directions to Temple Bar. The Irish guy at the barrier kept giving directions in a happy and smily fashion, adding every time “and enjoy tonight’s match”. The Germans were just as friendly. Little did they know.

Brazilian Repeat?

At some stage I heard a few German lads boast, “that’s going to be another Brasil match”. I guess they were thinking of the Ireland 1 vs Germany 6 meeting a couple of years back. Well, here we go.


A friend of mine was at the airport the following morning. She listened to a few Germans who had just arrived for a business meeting and one of them said “that’s embarrassing, they’re going to laugh about us.”

Well, that’s the problem with people who put too much importance or pride on to themselves. Nobody in Ireland will ever laugh about the German team losing against them. There were two soccer teams on the pitch and one of them won deservedly, what is there to laugh about?

The Shane Long Song

How fast is that? Here’s the song to go along with Shane Long