Keyboard warriors love themselves

Here we go. Red and processed meats are cancerous, we were told. Besides the fact that this headline, once again, will draw attention from the real problems in life – i. e. global warming, smoking, substance abuse and food abuse (to name a few), we’re told that red and processed meats are cancerous.

Those clever people who love to hack around on their keyboards, without ever realising that there are real people out there who are living a real life and who are really concerned about their own and their children’s health. I’ve one question to put to those self-loving keyboard warriors: “Why is our life expectancy steadily increasing?” In Ireland and most of Western European countries, we have a life expectancy of roughly 81. Does that mean, that if we did not eat red and processed meat, we would live to be 120?

Out of context

The people who have managed to hijack people’s fear, by scaremongering readers with “cancerous meats” headlines, took a study and misrepresented it. The study showed different stuff, which may be cancerous. If, in relation to this study, you compared the consumption of red or processed meat with the consumption of tobacco products, you would see, that smoking is probably 20 times more likely to cause cancer and you know, even smoking doesn’t need to lead to cancer.