Violence creates violence. The armed fight against terrorism cannot be won. Thousands of young people are being sent into a war, which is bound to fail. 

Put aside your pride

It is about time that the politicians of this world put aside their pride, jump across their shadows and find a way of dialogue. Northern Ireland is the best example of how talks can bring peace. Northern Ireland may still be a long way to harmony, but it is on a very good way and it is in a better place than ever before. The reason why Northern Ireland is still a long way from harmony, has to do with the time that has lapsed before serious talks were held. One thing is for sure, if the communities in Northern Ireland hadn’t found a way to talk, they would still be shooting at each other today.

Listen for once

The same is going to happen with the Islamic terrorists. If we don’t sit down and talk very soon, then a peaceful solution will be more and more difficult to achieve within  a short period of time. We have to stop kicking the can and face reality. Talking does not mean giving in to terrorism. It means that we finally understand that there is a group of people who need to be listened to. There is something they have to say and they seem to be so frustrated about not being listened to, that they have turned to murder.