To evict up to 30 families from an unauthorised halting site, without alternative accommodation, is very questionable. Seemingly, Louth County Council has housed some of the families in B&Bs, which is not an answer to the problem either.

Travellers to rent on the private market

To suggest to the remaining Travellers to find themselves housing on the private rental market is hypocritical. Travellers can’t even go for a pint in the local pub, never mind rent a house on the private market. Furthermore, the Traveller Community is generally not looking to be settled in solid housing. Irish Travellers are looking for their needs as a nomadic ethnic minority group to be recognised, s that Traveller specific “housing” can be provided for the long haul.

I suggest that Louth County Council is well aware of this fact.

Louth CoCo’s move not out of nowhere

On the other hand, for the Travellers to be “surprised” by Louth County Council’s move is rather a farce as well. Surely, the fact that Louth County Council wanted the Travellers to move on was not a secret.