We have a huge problem in most of Europe. Recreational drugs have been a part of daily life for generations. However, the drugs on today’s market, are more dangerous than ever before.

If they want drugs, they’ll get them

Let’s face it. People want those drugs and will take them, whether we like it or not. With the internet in full swing it is easier than ever to get hold of those pills and powders. With us prohibiting those drugs, we basically make the revellers commit Russian Roulette. With our laws, we’re responsible for sending recreational drug users down a path of gambling with their life.

Let’s give them what they want

It is our responsibility to face facts and to start thinking in real terms.
Of course it is questionable to legalise mood altering drugs and let our pals take them. However, if we really care for our children and friends, than it is about time that we don’t only legalise them, but that we provide them.
We should have professionals, maybe even employed by the State, who are in charge of manufacturing, or cultivating safe party drugs.

Take it off the streets and into a safe environment

Let’s pull the rug from under the drug baron’s feet. Let’s cater for what is a reality and let’s make it a safe environment for those who like to get stoned, for whatever reason they have.

In Washington (USA) for example, certain  recreational drugs such as cannabis are legal. There’re specific outlets where you can purchase those drugs. I went and had a look at one of those outlets and was very impressed. The shop assistant was very keen in pointing out the labels on products. He explained what to look out for and what the difference was between certain products. I have to say, this was the best example of sensible drug control I have ever seen.

Let’s get real

So, let’s get brave. Forget about the opposition to controlled drug legalisation. Let’s protect our society from gangsters who don’t care about the well-being of our friends and family. Let’s get together and make our society, with all it’s aspects and needs, a better and safer place.