February 14th is the day, when the men of Ireland can prove their love to their partners. Irish men, not exactly famous for their romantic side, have the opportunity to show what they’re made of.

Especially restaurants, florists, jewellers and gift shops love St. Valentine’s Day.

Candle Light Dinner

One certain must is a dinner with candle light. Whether it’s at home or in a nice little cosy restaurant around the corner. A dinner with candle light is top on the list. It’s pure romance, deep down love and devotion….

Or is it a massive rip-off?

Let’s wake up and smell the coffee? Some people talk about a tradition, when they talk about St. Valentines Day. Come on – who made it a tradition. Okay, St. Valentine may be, amongst many other things, be the patron saint of love and marriage, but does that mean that we have to break the bank to prove our love?

St. Valentine’s Relics

There are at least 13 churches all over the world who claim to hold St. Valentine’s Relics, but no other country makes such a fuss about St. Valentine’s Day than the Irish. Somehow, St. Valentine reminds me a bit of the Coca Cola invention of Father Christmas.

Real Love

It’s all a money racket, that’s what it is. Why do we need one day of the year to prove our love to our loved one? Surely, love is expressed every day of the year. Isn’t it great to surprise your partner with a trip to a romantic venue for dinner, or a nicely set dinner table at home? Isn’t it ever so special to bring a little present at unexpected moments? St. Valentine’s Day is taking all that away from us and makes it the most expected occasion to prove your love. We’ve succumb to the commercialised world we live in. Let’s try to get back to real love and unexpected gestures and the real special moments that make our lives so special.