We’re currently experiencing a change in our political landscape, which will ultimately result in a new Europe and therefore EU.

The British people decided to leave the European Union. A jolt to the political right all over Europe and an U.S. American President who is hostile towards the EU can not pass us out without significant changes. At the same time there are an endless number of crackpots running around, ready to blow themselves up.

The economical effects of Brexit itself is not the problem. It’s the psychological effect this new development in the Union has on the European population. Many citizens of the EU have grown up with this Union. They’ve never known anything else. It’s their family. For this family to break up has to be an astonishing experience.
On the other hand there’s still the generation of WWII. People who remember war-torn Europe. People who remember the birth of the EU. People who swear that the EU has brought peace into Europe as never been known before. This generation is downright scared by the developments.
On top of all that, we have this political jolt to the right. Right wing parties are emerging everywhere. In France, Germany, Britain and far and wide beyond Europe’s shores. With an American President who seems to suffer from megalomania. A man who is inclined to dishonour any deal the U.S.A have ever signed. Whether of commercial or military nature.

Civilisation as we have known it, with all its ups and downs is more and more vanishing. Extremists are destroying ancient heritage sites, which have been telling evolving man kind’s history for thousands of years. They’re therefore destroying symbols of the very roots of our civilised society. These extremists are prepared to blow themselves up and while doing so take men, women, children and our elders with them. Barbarian action at its worse.

Everything comes to an end. An end to something is often a scary moment, especially if it steers you into unknown waters. However, an end is also always a new beginning. Death is followed by birth. The big question is, what is the new beginning to look like? What kind of Europe are we going to have? What face is the world going to take on? And most of all, how well are we going to deal with all these changes?