Cameron and the vow

When David Cameron came home that day, angry about a huge bill he received from the EU – he was vowing that he is going to ask the British people to take a vote on the future of the United Kingdom and the EU. He regretted this vow the very next day.

Cameron proceeded to keep his vow, but first he went to “renegotiate” Britain’s status within the EU. He appeared happy with himself after returning to London, but everybody else quickly realised that this “renegotiated deal” was nothing but a publicity stunt. He was hoping he could get out of the referendum vow.

During the Cameron led “remain” campaign, he was complacent. Believing that the Brits would see sense and vote to stay within the Union. How wrong his believe and was to be.

Theresa May jumped ship

Or did she? During the referendum campaign, May was campaigning strongly for a remain. After the referendum she took on office as Prime Minister and declared “Brexit means Brexit, means Brexit”. From the very beginning it was clear that she was scare mongering. She was taking on a venture to get the British people back on track for an eventual vote to remain in the Union. She rejected this claim from the very beginning. She pretended to hold stark negotiations with the EU.

No snap elections

When challenged whether the Prime Minister was considering early elections, she was certain that this wasn’t going to happen. It happened.

She knew that she couldn’t possibly win the elections. 48% of the British electorate was against Brexit. These people were not going to sit back and let this chance go by. Theresa May did not get the majority she needed and she knew this also in advance.

Pact with DUP

Northern Ireland voted against Brexit. Arlene Foster, the leader of DUP has agreed to a pact with Theresa May. Northern Ireland’s Arlene Foster has a lot to prove to the people of Northern Ireland. Even though her party was for Brexit, she has to show with all sincerity that she can be the leader of all people of Northern Ireland. She therefore has to represent the majority of the North of Ireland and their decision to remain within the EU.

EU holds special meetings on Britain remaining in Union

Behind closed doors, there have been meetings amongst EU ministers, preparing for a scenario where the UK will remain within the European family.

New EU

Whatever happens, the EU will not be the same as before the Brexit referendum. This may be for the better. The UK , knowing that the EU wants to keep them within the Union have a strong hand in actually renegotiating their standing within the pact and therefore in reinventing the idea of this European Union. A lot of other EU states would not only welcome a strong Britain within the EU, but also a revamping of the European idea. Brexit is not going to happen and a new Europe will emerge.