We need to wake up and smell the coffee! We tend to see Ireland as a save haven. What we seem to forget is, that these terrorists want to spread terror. The best thing to do this, is to strike where people feel safest. Ireland is host to visitors from all over the world. When you look at Temple Bar on a good day, a bomber could hit all the desired nations in one go and get a message across like “if you thought you were save, think again”.

Not only Temple Bar is a likely target, a lot of the big hotels all around the country are potential soft targets.

We’ve learned that there are some of those folks amongst us. Maybe initially for a save place to stay before they strike elsewhere. However, with international pressure increasing for Irish authorities to root them out, it is only a question of time until they go the whole way in Ireland.

Hopefully, this view is ever so wrong. However, it is important not to stick the heads into the sand. We need to be real about the threat of terror.