There’s a lot of talk about children and mobile phones. Demands for age restrictions for the use of our new friend, the smartphone, are being voiced.

Smartphones are here to stay, so we might just as well get used to them and the fact that our children will want to use them. Instead of demanding age restrictions, we should look into education. I know – this might be too much to ask. After all, how can parents educate their children on how to use their smartphones smartly, when the parents don’t know how to use their smartphones wisely themselves.
If you don’t let your child use a smartphone until they reach the age of, let’s say, 16 – who on earth is going to teach them how to use those gadgets responsibly? It won’t be you, the parent.
Anyone who has, or has had, a sixteen year old in the family knows, that you definitely won’t teach them how to use anything responsibly. They won’t have it – not at the age of sixteen. If you want to have any influence, then make use of your status as a parent when your child is somewhere between 11 and 13. Instead of introducing an age restriction, you should embrace the willingness of your 11 or 12 year old to learn from you and while you’re at it, listen to yourself and do as you say. This way, we’ll all benefit.