If there has ever been a hardliner when it comes to Brexit, it surely is Nigel Farage. After the Brexit referendum was won by the Brexiteers, Farage said that his life’s ambition has been achieved.

Now, Nigel Farage has publicly declared that a second referendum on the UK leaving the EU might not be a bad idea. He believes that such a referendum would lead to an even bigger victory for the Brexiteers and stop the whinging and wining from the pro Europe side.
Nigel Farage may be wrong here. He might even want to be wrong when it comes to his prediction. Farage may be a nationalist through and through, but even he might have come to terms with the fact that Brexit is not the best way forward for Britain’s economic future.

Fact is that the pro-EU camp will use this opportunity to clarify all the lies put to the British voters during the last referendum. Furthermore, all the young voters who stayed at home the first time around, may find their way to the polling stations, as they had time to realise what Brexit does to the freedom they enjoy within the EU.

When Theresa May called for early snap elections, she did this to strengthen her mandate. Or did she? She knew very well that she would not win the elections with an overall majority – the elections actually weakened her.
Nigel’s notion of thinking of a second referendum is another one of those coups. He knows that a second referendum is not going to be a stroll in the park. He’s well aware that he’s very likely to lose this time around. Another reason to believe that Brexit is never going to happen.