I don’t know whether it is important for us to be pro choice or pro life, to accept the repeal of the 8th amendment. There are countless reasons for a woman to feel compelled to terminate her pregnancy. Not all of these reasons may be understood by onlookers. The core of society’s stance on this topic should be the ultimate trust in a grown up person to make a very difficult decision, which can only be her own.

It is time that women are fully equal in society. It is time that we stop deciding for women, who are not asking anyone to get involved in possibly their most difficult time of their life. What should be offered to women, who face a scenario, which may well affect the rest of their life, is impartial counselling.

I’m a believer that with conception, the fetus is a living human being. I’m not a murderer or believe that some life is more worth living than others. However, I do not believe to be in a position to have an honest opinion on the circumstances individual women find themselves in. I don’t believe that anyone decides to kill off a human being growing inside them, if they don’t have a very very valid reason. Let’s not judge, lets support women in despair.