Abortion has been a part of Irish women for many decades. They had to travel abroad, board ships which would terminate the pregnancy in neutral waters or swallow a pill in secrecy. No medical supervision, no compassionate advise. This must have been a lonely place for women in crisis.

With the outcome of the referendum to repeal the 8th amendment of the Irish constitution, the Irish parliament is now able to legislate in this respect.

Understandably, there are people in society who are afraid that innocent unborn children may never see the light of day due to women deciding against it. I honestly don’t think that any woman in Ireland will be deciding against a child she is carrying, without a very good reason. A reason which is private and not for everyone to understand. Hopefully, there will be good guidance in form of advise. Advise which will help women in a crisis to make the right decision. The right decision for them. No more secrecy, no more travelling and no more unsupervised self medication. The women of Ireland deservedly got a huge vote of confidence.