After 80 years, Germany crashes out of a soccer World Cup without reaching the knockouts. Maybe that’s good. For too long, the Germans have entered World or European Cups with the certainty that they had a right to be there. Wearing a German jersey is not a ticket to success. It’s the players who wear those jerseys who are asked to do them proud.

Over the decades, German soccer players again and again tend to get too content with their reputation. National pride keeps slipping into darkness. Löw and his team let the German soccer nation down, by not bringing a certain amount of fighting spirit to the competition, which they don’t only need to win matches, but also to ignite the hearts of their fans.

With this, for Germany, disastrous finish in Russia, I could imagine that a rebuild of a completely new German National Soccer team is on the way immediately. By the time the 2020 European Cup is kicking off, we will have to get used to many new names and I don’t think it’s just the player’s names that will change.