Wolfgang Lolies

My two pennies worth

About Me

I was born 1962 in Germany. I wouldn’t want to miss my childhood. The Germany of the 70s was a very colourful and turbulent time. I mostly remember a lot of music, flowers, sun, fun and an atmosphere of “can do”. I grew up believing I was invincible. As far as I was concerned, there was nothing I couldn’t do.


When I was 15 I ran away from home. I legged it to Australia and all that without having much money or being in possession of a passport. I jumped a train ride from Cologne to Rome, continued from there to Naples and managed to push a passport application through the German Embassy and make my way to Australia. Sitting here, typing these words, I have a strong urge to put this story on paper and I will do this one day. I just need a bit of time. Fact is, that I believed I could do the impossible and ended  up doing exactly that – the impossible.


After I finished school I jobbed for a while as a Jackeroo. I also tried myself as a self employed painter and decorator. I eventually returned to Europe. There wasn’t much in Germany which excited me at the time. While in Australia, I met a lot of English people. It was odd, but I never got on very well with the English in Australia. I therefore made my way across the English Channel to get to know this species a little bit better.

I lived in London, Plymouth and Cornwall for a few years, working mainly in Youth Hostels. In London I met my wife to be – an Irish lady from Limerick. We married in Carslisle, Northern England. Expecting our first child we soon moved to Germany.

Bavaria and back to England

Christian, our son, was born in 1987 in Berchtesgaden, Bavaria. In 1988 we left Germany for Ireland. Soon after arriving in Ireland we very quickly found out that Ireland was experiencing a very nasty recession. From there we returned to England. Our daughter Alexandra was conceived in Cornwall.

Berlin and Hesse

In 1989 the Berlin Wall was crumbling. I went to Berlin to see what the story was. My wife and Christian soon followed and in 1990 Alexandra was born there. After a few business endeavours we moved to the State of Hesse. We settled there for the following 10 years.


In 2000 we moved to Ireland and in 2006 my wife and I split up, which led to our divorce in 2011. In Ireland I finally found my “calling”. I very quickly got deeply involved with Ireland and the Irish, that I started working in Journalism and soon communicated my knowledge to interested visitors. I became a National Tour Guide. My interest in Ireland is tireless. I’m interested in all aspects of history or contemporary politics of Ireland. As a Tour Guide I work with ca. 1,000 guests over ca. 30 annual tours.

My Work

As a Tour Guide I only work with the most reputable Incoming Tour Operators in Ireland. My main agent for the moment is Abbey Ireland. I also do the occasional tour for Irish Welcome Tours (IWT). I regularly attend gatherings in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg, where I speak and present Ireland to Tour Operators and their clients. Furthermore, I have a German Website, which is a great source for my existing and potential clients.

I enjoy working as a Freelance Journalist for Irish and German language media and hope to find a more balanced working environment between Guiding and Journalism in the future.

In the past I have led several projects, highlighting shortcomings in our society with the aim to raise awareness and open the dialogue. All of those projects found widespread media attention from print, radio, tv and internet. For the future, I’m planning to continue where I finished off.